Monday, December 5, 2011

An Accidental Pet

So, we have a new buddy hanging out around the house these days…

Meet Dr. Cat, a "neighborhood" cat (aka stray) who started hanging out on our front porch a few months ago. He comes inside every once and a while. We've taken to feeding him and looking out for him. I'd say he's at least 8 years old. He a great tomcat who purrs and drools when happy. We keep lots of rags handy :) And he has the cutest meow - the hubs has taken to imitating it.
A neighbor told us he was brought down her by a girl up the street and her boyfriend when they moved to California from Seattle. I guess she thought he was a stray then, too. Turns out she was mistaken, though - Dr. Cat's been spayed/neutered and declawed. Definitely belonged to somebody up there in Seattle. Poor guy's been braving the streets ever since! I hope to have him taken to a vet soon to check him for basic problems before we get our kitten later this month so he can still spend some time inside with us. Otherwise, the porch will be his home.
Another habit of his that tipped me off to thinking he was a house cat is his constant need to snuggle up. He always wants to get on the sofa and cuddle on your lap or he'll sneak upstairs and get in our bed when we're making dinner (which is so off limits to our stray friend). He loves blankets.
Sure, having an outdoor cat spend some time inside with us requires extra vacuuming and hand washing, but he's the sweetest thing. I think it's worth it. Hopefully he gets a clean bill of health and we can keep him around for the long run.

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