Thursday, December 1, 2011


So it's been quite around here. Between the wedding, owning a home, finishing up (my last year of!) school and everything else, bloguing hasn't been happening. I miss it terribly. I was talking with the husband about it and we've decided to change the subject matter of the blogue. We're currently (and continually) in the process of updating and recreating our 1920's bungalow (pictured below, photo from our engagement shoot with Tori Wible at TW Photography)

Those gross, overgrown plants are gone now, btw, and we have 6 beautiful hydrangeas instead! 

So, let's think of it this way. As the home sweet home gets a very diy (my husband does not believe in handymen, plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc) facelift, so will the blogue! It'll be fun. It already is fun. And you can expect more pictures and a recap of my very diy wedding (because I don't believe in wedding planners, decorators or ready-to-order whatever) as soon as possible.  Here's a sneak-peak at Tori's blog.

More coming soon… :)

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