Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Home Goals

Happy 2012!

J and I have lots of projects to post about here from 2011 (some of which are dragging over into the new year, but such is the life of a homeowner).  We designed and built a row of closets in our master bedroom, replaced the builder grade blinds in our master bedroom, painted, decorated, started landscaping, gutted furniture, built furniture, etc… Posts should be written about these accomplishments and there's even some talk of J contributing here :) We still have lots we want to do this year, so wish us luck on our list:

Paint the downstairs
Our whole house was one color when we first moved in (yes, even the ceilings). Not just any color, but a semi-gross creamy yellow. We've painted only the upstairs and the guest room so far, but have plans for the remaining 7 rooms…yes, 7 other rooms. Talk about work.
Finish treating the windows
Organize closet spaces
Add shelves and hooks to maximize storage space
Sell unused furniture and buy new furniture

That's the list so far.  Chances are it will keep growing :) We do have 3 paint colors picked out for the house from Behr: Indulgent Mocha, Swiss Coffee and Tidewater (a Martha Steward color matched to Behr). Hopefully we can buy a huge 5-gallon thing of each and use them throughout the house.

What are your goals this year?

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