Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Happenings

So, what did you do for Valentine's day? Did you pick up a box of chocolates, some roses, go out to dinner? My husband and I are having a low-key Valentine's day today because we're going to San Francisco this weekend to really celebrate ;)
I know there's a lot of dispute over whether or not to actually take part in Valentine's Day and it makes me a little sad. I'll make any excuse I can to make a day extra special and something to celebrate. Even when I was single, my friends and I would go out or get each other something sweet for Valentine's. Ya, I realize it's become a commercial phenomena and people spend crazy amounts of money to celebrate the day. And it is 'single's awareness day' or whatever. Understandably, those without a 'special someone' could feel left out or lonely on Feb 14. It doesn't have to be like that though. Let me hit you with some fresh perspective: why not take this day to make the people you love feel extra special? And no, I don't mean just a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. Anyone you love. You're family and friends. Brighten their day today and be intentional about it. For example, I'm taking these into the office today:
Just because it's a way to celebrate.
Not to say we should't celebrate one another every day. I think Valentine's Day has been abused by the slackers who only show affection on this day. Make every day special! But, why not go out to dinner or put on something extra special for your hubs ;) just because it's Valentine's Day?

Off the soap box :)

The hubs and I have made a few additions to the living room as of late.  We are almost done furnishing this room (except for a few poang chairs from Ikea left over from his bachelor days - I want to replace them with a leather chair eventually :) ). We picked up a new tv at Best Buy and a tv console from Crate and Barrel. Both were a steal, though I don't really know the details of the true awesomeness of the tv- that's something for J to attest to. I do know how great of a deal we got on the console though.
We love Crate and Barrel. We are especially fond of their sales and floor sample pieces.  Our bedding was a Crate and Barrel floor sample and we got it for $45. Let me repeat, $45! It was originally $150ish for the set. Mmmhmm. 
The console was also a floor sample.  There were several scratches in it, but they were nothing a little Old English Scratch Cover couldn't handle! And considering it was originally priced at $499.00 and we walked away with it for $230 (then less because of all our left over wedding gift cards), I wasn't passing it up because of a few scratches. The price went from $499 to $425 to $349 then $309 to $279 and finally $230. We paid $70 out of pocket for it. Woohoo! And here it is:

Again, sorry for the terrible pictures. Just rockin' the iPhone. The middle picture shows just how well the scratches were hidden with the Scratch Cover. Love that stuff.
We are really happy with it.  We wanted a console that was about  50 inches long and at least 20 inches deep to accommodate the 47 inch tv. The glass "windows" in the console doors also tie in with our coffee table (also a steal from Crate and Barrel for $30) and the wood in the rest of the room. Here's the design board:

We also have some curtains and pillows, but I'm hoping we'll be adding to these soon. As soon as I figure out my sewing machine - but that's for another day. The stools are no longer carried at Ikea in birch like the ones we have, but they're really useful as extra side tables or foot rests :) or step stools, though I really can't say that's the safest thing to use them for... Our couch is also discontinued, originally from Scandinavian Designs and very similar to this section from C&B.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

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