Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long Time No Post...

OK, I know it's been forever...well, not forever, but quite a while...since I've posted a blog. Things have been crazy and up in the air and I'm just now feeling like I can take a breather and write for you. I've missed writing, so hopefully this sort of blog drought won't happen again.
November?! Already? Crazy!
October was fun, but November's one of my favorite months of the year. Hello, fall weather, boots, Thanksgiving food, general coziness…what's not to love? 
Unfortunately, the weather is still going back and forth between warm and rainy, so it really doesn't feel like fall. California, catch on, will you? Haha.
So, I'm going to write about things I'm liking…I think I'll do this every month. I like reading these posts so I hope you do, too. Here we go.
Breakfast at Bloom. Everyday, Bloom serves breakfast and it's delicious. Today I ordered a breakfast burrito (believe me, even the thought of a breakfast burrito used to gross me out). It's full of yummy stuff. Check it out: http://bloomcoffee.com/wp-content/images/menus/menu-breakfast.pdf. I order the veggie option.
An Extra Shot.  When I have a lot of work to do, I can be at the office until midnight. It leaves me pretty tired the next day when I wake up around 6:30 am. The past few weeks have been full of late nights, like 3 am, and even earlier rises, like 5 am. That was a really rough day! So, to compensate for lack of sleep, I've been ordering an extra shot of espresso in my iced vanilla lattes. It really makes a difference! A little more energy helps me get through! And, it balances out the sweetness of the latte really well.
Aerie Sweatshirts. So comfy cozy. I've worn mine every day since I bought it. I know, I know. Ridiculous. But really, so nice.
Time With Leaders. Lately I've really enjoyed hearing and learning from some of the extraordinary leaders from my church. These women and men have some amazing experiences and insight to offer. I really appreciate them!
Volume Exact. Yes, I went back to my favorite mascara. I tried Maybelline Falsies for a day before taking it back. Covergirl's Volume Exact waterproof mascara is one I've used for years. I will never cheat on it again! Haha.
Kenra Hair Products. So, remember that Gap Body thing I did a few weeks ago? Well, I won a prize from it! That never happens. The day after the event, they called me to let me know I'd won and told me to come in the next day to pick up my loot. Well...the next day, an arson torched the mall. Crazy! Gap Body reopened on Friday and my stuff was ok. The wrapping was scorched, but the products were fine! Which is odd, considering both products are hairspray. Hairspray usually combusts at high temperatures. Lucky I guess! The things I won are two different sprays from Kenra and I'm really enjoying them.  The first is the Kenra Platinum Hot spray and it's a heat protectant and finishing spray. I've used it for straightening and 
<--- curling my hair and the hold is great without being crunchy, if you know what I mean…The other is the Kenra Volume Spray Super Hold finishing spray and it is a full-hold hairspray. It's great to add a little volume or to get a style to stay put all day. The lady at Gap Body told me, "I have that stuff, too! Believe me, your hair will not MOVE." And it really doesn't! Even if you brush through it after spraying it, your hair will stay put all day. And these sprays smell amazing! I'm already dreading running out :)
Hair Butter from the Body Shop. A great deep conditioner. So nice!
Billy True Religion Jeans. So fun and I finally got them hemmed. I wear them most days now. Skinny jeans, I've forgotten how cute you are :)
How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless is adorable! Oh man, I want a dragon! I thought this movie was so fun to watch and had a great message: What's right isn't always popular. It really isn't, but people have to learn what is right the hard way sometimes. I panicked for a while during it, not gonna lie. Hiccup is an unlikely hero who you can't help rooting for and the graphics are fantastic. And Kristin Wiig is in it. Or, her voice is in it... I thought Toothless wasn't going to make it toward the end there and I was soooo sad. But don't worry, this movie has a happy ending!
Brooke Fraser. Obviously. Didn't need to tell you that! And she has a new tour date in Santa Cruz! Yes!
Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads. I have two: Sunlit Bronze and Designer Chocolate. So easy to use and blend. I use these almost every day.
The Boyfriend. How cheesy am I? But really, we have so much fun and I'm so grateful for him and his wonderful influence in my life. On my life? Uh...you know what I mean.
God's Plan. This is my last thing. I'm really glad I have been able to see what God is doing in my life over the past few weeks. I have been going through a little bit of a rough patch, but I feel more encouraged and joyful now than before. I went on a retreat in Tahoe and I knew God was speaking to me and communicating with me through the people around me. I'm so excited to see what He has in store for me in the upcoming months! Doors are opening :) He is so faithful.
This is a really exciting time for me and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you :) Happy November!

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