Friday, November 26, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm a little bothered by the idea of taking a few days off to eat and watch football and shop, but that's the superficial meaning of the holiday. I had a great day with both my families and friends. We ate and such, yes, but we also talked and prayed and laughed...I am so blessed.
It's been great to have a few days to just relax. I haven't checked my email since Wednesday. I spent some time at home and went and saw a movie. Oh, that reminds me, the new theater in the area only charges $5.50 for tickets to the first showing of the films playing there. So, if you go at 10am it'll only cost you $5.50! Cheapest movie ticket since before I can remember. The movie was Harry Potter 7 part 1 and it was great. I was impressed. First time I've said that about an HP movie!
I also spent some time at the mall over break with my mom, sister and the bf. We ladies are shamelessly checking in on the Galleria often to see how it's recovering from the fire. Some might think I'm ridiculous, but that's ok. Most of the stores are up and running again! Lookin' good :)
I spent lots of time with the bf. Surprised? We don't get sick of each other. Thank goodness! I know I'm high maintenance, so I'm glad he handles it so well ;)
I'm so grateful for the people in my life, the uncomfortable conflicts that challenge me, things that make me laugh...I have a great God who is for me and is teaching me everyday. Hey, I'm young, I have lots to learn. And even when I'm old and totally gray will I still have lots of perfecting to do. Thankful for this, too.
Oh, American Thanksgiving. I'm so glad you're about more than just food and football and shopping ;). What are you thankful for?

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