Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Alright, has anyone seen I Love You Man? And he thinks he's out to dinner with a guy to befriend him, but said guy is looking for…something more? Ya, I laughed really hard. And I totally relate. And I don't recommend this movie at all to anyone ever. Ever. Don't watch it just because I mentioned it.
I've gone into a couple of situations thinking they were one thing, but in the end, they were definitely not what I was expecting. Kinda like when John Hus went to the Council of Constance and ended up being burned at the stake. Ok, not funny like the example above, but same idea.
Sometimes things don't go the way we expect. And it can be awful and hurtful and just plain inaccurate, but it's ok. Because it's not the end of the world. And all I can control is my response to the situations. Hopefully, I come away from this with my head high and a whole lotta experience.
One surprise situation I'm looking forward to is coming up soon…I'm excited :) I'm not great with surprises, so this is a departure for me. But it's so fun! So fun. Example: Our two year dating anniversary was on the 21st of November and the bf set up an appointment for me to get a Shellac manicure. Shellac is a hybrid nail color that's very similar to gel nails, but it's easier to remove. Supposedly lasts for weeks, but mine's growing out already. Boo :( So if you're nails don't grow as fast as mine, you're in luck. Shellac is beautiful! I'm going to ask the women at the salon how to make it less obvious (the bare nail, that is). I'll let you know how it goes.
Bad unexpected and good unexpected. I'm learning that surprises can be a good thing. I'm looking forward to a big one soon :)

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