Monday, October 4, 2010

It's a Brilliant Earth, my dear

Ok, what a weekend.
Funerals, work, San Francisco, engagement rings, great food, coffee, work, hang time…
Busy busy busy.
And emotionally overwhelming. I definitely broke down on Saturday on the way to Brilliant Earth. It's kinda embarrassing. Tears and all and my mascara clumped up. I won't be repurchasing it.
Anyway. Friday was hot and sunny and may have been the true last day of summer. It was also the day of Justin Butler's memorial and graveside service. I can't believe he's gone, it's unreal. But so many people came out to support his family and remember him the way he would've wanted: laughter, food, football…
It was a good celebration.
The next day, I headed down to work with the bf at 9 to set up since I wouldn't be there during the church services. It took forever!
Well, not forever. But way too long.
We finally headed off to the city around 1 and had to book it to our appointment at 3. We probably would've been there on time if I hadn't navigated.
I've been to San Francisco countless times. I've stayed there over-night, for a few days, for a week, for my birthday…but I still get lost. It's impossible for me to figure it out. I had it down for a while…but ya. Not so much anymore.
And then I started crying…embarrassing.
But, the staff at Brilliant Earth were so wonderful and stayed open late and called to see if they could help us find the building. The bf told me he'd been hearing from them throughout the week since he had made the appointment to see if they could do anything for him and answer any of his questions. Amazing!
So, we got there and looked at all of these beautiful rings and the ones I thought I'd love (from the website) I didn't really like! Surprised?
So, I picked something new entirely and was sized (I have a very small finger, 4.75)
and talked to them about customizing the ring. The boyfriend looked at several as well and was sized as a 7.
All in all, I highly recommend this company. And, they can tell me everything I need to know about when the diamonds were mined and where from. I value that.
Btw, the post title is a boyfriend quote. I thought it was funny :)
Then, we wandered around Union Square and headed to dinner at a little restaurant in the Dogpatch Historical District called Piccino. They specialize in seasonal, local and organic cuisine with an emphasis in pizza. It was amazing. We started with the soup of the day (red lentil and peach with creme fraiche and dill) and the antipasti platter with house pickled carrots, watermelon radishes, olives, and sweet chickpea spread (hummus) with flat bread baked in their pizza oven. Yummy, but the carrots were a little spicy!

Then we ordered the white pizza with garlic, zucchini and heirloom tomatoes. The tomatoes were so sweet. For dessert, I ordered the ginger cake with caramel and whipped creme, which was also delicious. I was really impressed.
The restaurant was probably the smallest I'd ever been in (besides farm:table, another place in SF, but they only serve brunch). The feel was very bright and clean with unique place settings and fresh sunflowers.
I highly recommend this place!
We then headed to the Mission District for coffee, but unfortunately Four Barrel was closed.
I am leading a one man campaign to get them to extend their hours! Who's in? They close at eight!
So we headed to Ritual, which wasn't great and was pretty gassy (had only been roasted 3 days before) and nutty.
Here's the view of the city we caught on the way out:

Love it.
Disappointed to not see anyone who needed a bite to eat or a jacket, but I guess that's also a good thing.
I'm hoping we'll spend some time in Golden Gate Park and Bodega Bay soon :) and hit up Four Barrel if they are OPEN!
I'm very passionate about this. 
Oh, we did stop in Golden Gate Park for a few minutes as we were leaving, but it was freezing! And dark, so the picture's not great, but we did take one:


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