Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Update

I think my head is going to explode.
You know when you're on information overload and studying and writing papers constantly?
That's what I mean. At least school is presenting what resembles an academic challenge lately.
For example, I have two history classes every week. This week, one class is taken up by a midterm. During the other is a quiz. Next week in this class, I have a paper due one day and a quiz the next.
Ummm…how will there be any content for these quizzes with only one full day of class between them?
Ya, I don't know.
So I'm taking a break from studying and writing a post :)
Alright. I have no super exciting stuff to tell you about this weekend. I can recommend the house salad from Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar and using olive oil as a leave in conditioner. I also had the Fancy Toast from Bloom Coffee and Tea for breakfast on Saturday and it was so good! Chicken apple sausage with brie and apples on toast (obviously) and a balsamic reduction with pomegranate seeds to add a little balance between the sweetness and savoriness, yum. The Guatemala coffee they have is really good, too :)
Most importantly, I found a pair of Billy's in my size this weekend.
Ok, let me explain. These are the True Religion straight leg jeans I've been shopping for for two years. I'm a bargain shopper and I refuse to buy them full price, so I've been looking everywhere for them (including Ebay) and waiting to find a pair on sale. My size is not an easy one to find, either. Many shops (including places like Gap and Nordstrom) only receive two items in my size per shipment. It puts the odds against you to say the least.
But I found them! Another stroke of luck :)
I went into Nordstrom Rack and was not looking to buy anything. I was just trying to waste time when heading to meet someone before college group started. I saw a rack of TR merch and thought, "Unless there's a pair of Billy's in my size, I'm not trying anything on."
And you can guess what happened from there.
Now I just need to get them hemmed. They are soooo long!
The boyfriend and I watched SNL and laughed and cringed. That's while I was eating the Basic salad. Gorgonzola and pears and candied walnuts? Yum.
I had a great coffee date with my friend Brandie on Sunday. It was great to get together and encourage one another. And look wistfully at a beautiful painting currently hanging in Bloom that is a little out of both of our price ranges :) I can't remember the name of the artist, but it's perfect.
Yesterday, the bf and I went up to his parent's house for dinner and the game. Yes, the Vikings lost and we're still in mourning. It's a touchy subject. But we had a great time simply hanging out.
Alright friends, that's all I got. Wish me luck on my midterm?
What did you do this weekend?

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