Friday, October 15, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

How was your week? Mine's been going by quickly, but it's been a little bit of a struggle. You know those weeks when being joyful seems like a stretch? I'm so glad my joy doesn't come from my circumstances. I sound like I'm whining.
And yes, I tweet ambiguously. Sorry guys. I really think some people are following me just to try and deduce what I mean from these random tweets. Admit it, you sometimes wonder. I usually explain further here though.
I have some things to recommend to you ladies (I know there are a couple guys who read this blog, but you might not want to read the next few paragraphs…). The first is something that will clear out some drawer space and the second is a new makeup discovery:
1. Gap Body is hosting its second bra recycling event at its stores nationwide until tomorrow at closing. This event is sponsored by The Bra Recyclers (@brarecyclers), an organization that collects and then redistributes gently used bras to women in developing countries or women who are currently living in shelters in our area. All the un-redistributable bras are sent to a recycling plant where the materials are then recycled. Either way it's a win-win. And if you do take bras in, they can be in any sort of condition, made by any brand, etc and they will take them. Not only will Gap Body take them, but they will give you 25% off a full priced item, enter you into a raffle to win some of their merch, and give you a goody bag full of amazing stuff. The stuff will vary depending on where your store is located, but mine had a free mini facial from Origins, samples from Body Shop, Aveda, Bare Minerals and Big Sexy Hair, and coupons to a bunch of stores in the mall. Loot! It was definitely a pick-me-up. They're a fourth of the way to their goal (which is 400 bras) and the employees were so grateful and thanked me all the way out the door.
I really like Gap (I typed love and then went back and deleted it, lol).
2. I love the Dream Mousse products from Maybelline. Dang it! Look <--- I did it again!
I really really like the Dream Mousse products from Maybelline.
That's better.
These are so creamy and natural on my skin. And the concealer is wonderful. It really conceals well and again, looks super natural.
I picked up the concealer (obviously) in light because I was running low on my Clinique stuff and I don't like foundation right now. I'd heard great things about this concealer and I agree with all of it. It covers any sign of under eye circles and blends really well.
I also picked up the blush in rose petal (soft pink with a little shimmer which is recommended for light skin tones). I really like it. It's a little less mousse like in constancy than the concealer, but it blends well and gives a sheer flush.
Ok. This week and why it's been a downer.
My friends are moving :(
My headaches are back for sure :(
And I don't get to take part in an opportunity I was really looking forward to :(
Bummer bummer bummer deals.
But totally livable. I mean, I can provide for myself, I have a place to live, I can place myself within the top wealthiest 5% of the world…
But it's wearing on me. I need thicker skin.
My friend and I had a teary conversation last night when I found out she was moving. Then I cried through worship at college group. Then I cried when I got home. Then I cried in the shower this morning. But I only cried one tear today. I'm going to be encouraging and supportive as she and her family follow the call God is placing on their life. It's not like I won't ever see them again. Right?
As for the opportunity. It is what it is. I can only do so much to make it happen and now it's in God's hands.
I'm being vague, I know.
Everything's going to be fine. Keep on keeping on and go recycle a few bras ;)

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