Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coffee Talk

I'm in Starbucks (because I was late to chapel…by two minutes). I don't frequent Starbucks, but there's no third wave coffee near campus. And now, I remember why I don't. No, the service isn't bad and no, I didn't order their coffee. But, the men behind me are talking about lesbian vampires. WHAT? No, seriously. Lesbian vampires. 
In coffee shops, people tend to vent their feelings loud enough for all the other innocent bystanders to hear. I'm guilty of it, too. Been there, cried in a Starbucks, done that. It's as if coffee shops are safe places for us to let our innermost thoughts and troubles come to the surface.
Oh, what a blessing caffeine is.
So, I'm just trying to mind my own business and drink my "London Fog" aka tea with steamed milk (yes, I like milk in my tea :)), when the young guys behind me start talking vampire chicks…and then move on to lesbian vampires. I'm hiding my giggles.
As an avid Twilight fan, I love me some vampires, too.
I do love that coffee shops are a place of connection. Even though we all live crazy, busy lives, we all have time for coffee.  The average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee every day. Why not take the time to drink one cup with a friend?
Even if we end up discussing lesbian vampires… ;)

The next day:
Ok. I don't ever ever ever do this, but I went back to Starbucks today. I forgot to eat breakfast this morning (I have this problem often) and I didn't want to turn into a hypoglycemic mess by lunchtime, so I grabbed some of their pumpkin bread (which is really good and very filling) and an iced tea lemonade with one pump classic syrup.
I like it a tad sweet.
I then did something I've never done before. I talked to the barista about coffee.
Let me explain. They had some kind of sample sitting on the counter and I was offered one. I said, "What is it?" and tried to keep my suspicions to myself.  The barista explained to me that it was their new Toffee Mocha. Now, I'm a little grossed out by the idea of a toffee flavored coffee drink, but my sister really likes them, so I gave it a try. It was luke-warm and bitter, then overwhelmingly sweet, then bitter again. Ew. The barista asked for my honest feedback, and I told him it was pretty sweet for a mocha, but I like sweet. I told him I'm not a great judge of Starbucks coffee because I never drink it. I made all kinds of excuses, but he saw right through me.
"I'm into the third wave coffee scene, too."
I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked what his favorite shop was and he said he frequented Temple Coffee in Sacramento. It's a trip, but man is it worth it. I love Temple, too. I name dropped my favorite shop (Bloom Coffee) and he said he'd been there as well.
Someone understands my snobbery.
I recommended he try the Bliss the next time he's at Temple and thanked him for handing me my pumpkin bread before heading out.
That reminds me. I talked to a barista friend of mine at Bloom yesterday about my experience with the lesbian vampire-loving men from that morning.  She laughed and told me of a time she heard two girls talking about accidentally purchasing maternity clothes over coffee during her shift. Thought I'd share that with you.
I don't blame the girls. Pregnant ladies get to wear the cutest clothes.

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