Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gibraltar-Not the Rock

So yesterday I had way too much caffeine and not enough water.
Bad combo.
Have you ever seen that study of the spiders who were given meth, marijuana, speed, etc…and caffeine? If you haven't seen the pictures, Google them. Seriously. It's crazy what caffeine does to the spiders' web-spinning skills! Worse than most of the other drugs.
How do you "give" a spider these substances, anyway?
Question aside, I felt like those spiders.
I usually make a habit out of drinking water. I'll try and get in my 8 glasses a day and then some. I guess I was sidetracked yesterday and just forgot or something (there was a lot of design work to be done). So, I went to coffee last night and was planning on getting an iced latte and a glass of water, straying from my typical french press and a glass of water.
But, the barista was super nice and wanted to treat me, so he brought me a gibraltar.
What's that? Well, it's between a latte and a macchiato. Espresso (this one had a single origin from Panama…yum) and milk. It's named for the 4.5 ounce glass it's served in, but you typically won't see it on a menu and never in a Starbucks. It looked something like this:

It was great, but became really bitter as it cooled :( so I didn't finish all of it.
But by the time I was halfway done with the little guy, I was so thirsty for water that I went to the bar, ordered a baby iced latte and asked for a water glass. I drank a lot of water between the two drinks.
I ended up only finishing half the latte, but holy moly it was so hard to focus. I was trying to study, but I had the shakes, was easily distracted, you know. Caffeine overload. I haven't had this problem with caffeine in a long time. My physics study guide was total confusion before I had any coffee... But, it kept me awake long enough to get my homework done!
Lesson learned. I don't want to be like that poor spider in the study. Today, I'm drinking lots of water.
But really, does everyone drink several glasses a day?

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