Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Stupid Mouth

I have a stupid mouth.
You know that song by John Mayer?
Ya, that's me.
I try so hard to be careful with what I say. I don't want to tear others apart when they're not there or to be the party popper with a critical attitude.
But, sometimes I do and sometimes I am.
It's so easy to do. And I know we all do it. We gossip, we critic, we feel better about ourselves.
How is that even possible?
I personally feel awful after I've said something I shouldn't say. And I'm good at beating myself up over it. I'll have temporary insomnia or a stomachache, get really quiet and isolated…ya know, generally reek of guilt.
I'm finding ways to be better at keeping my mouth shut. I think that it's important to identify what makes you feel the need to gossip and stay away from it. Whether that means putting up boundaries with others, considering you say before you speak, or journaling to help you process things…there are ways to avoid using words in a way that may hurt others.
I find that there are people who bring out this side of me. It's so easy to visit Negative Town if someone else is already there, you know?
This is what I'm working on. Bam, there it is! What are you working on?

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