Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Post

Hey! I’m glad you stopped by. Welcome to my first blog post ever.  I’m going to start by telling you a little bit about myself…
 My name is Jacque (pronounced like Jackie or Jacky)
 I’m 20 years old
I’m almost done with college
I love baking
   Especially banana cupcakes with honey-cream cheese frosting and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
I work in ministry
I’m a makeup junkie
I’m growing out my hair
I have a wonderful boyfriend
I aspire to be a homemaker
From what I said above, you can assume I’m old-fashioned
I’m not completely nostalgic
Music is a joy to me
I’m shy in person
I love third wave coffee
You could call me a coffee snob
I’m a cat person
I’m artistic
Dark chocolate gives me headaches
I love good food
But then again, who doesn’t
I’ve got this thing for water
That includes (but is not limited to) rivers
The ocean
And Smart Water
I love Toms, Uggs and other comfy cozy shoes
I wear denim every day unless I’m wearing a dress
Gray is my favorite color
Yes, I see it as a color
That’s the basics. Wow, that seems self-centered in retrospect.
I’m not sure what this blog will be about. Probably my thoughts and passions and current events.
Current events sound boring…
I’ll probably include designs I am currently working on, random cosmetic tips, favorite know.
But, I promise:
 This will not be a rant and vent blog.  Feel free to call me out if anything seems intentionally hurtful.
Blog at you soon…
Or something less cheesy.. ;)

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